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Online Physiotherapy Program

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Online Physiotherapy Program

Muscular dystrophies leads to loss of muscle function and wasting and cause progressive muscle weakness. As a result, the body replaces the muscle tissue with fat and connective tissue. Goals of Physiotherapy include maintaining mobility and functional independence, managing associated complications, and maximizing quality of life. It works on improving muscle and joint function and slowing muscle deterioration so people with LGMD can live as actively and independently as possible.


We had come up with an Online Physiotherapy Program for LGMD Warriors, that began with an Introductory Counselling session by our Expert, Anubha Singhal,‌ a warrior of Limb girdle Muscular Dystrophy. She shared her experiences of how Physiotherapy has brought a change in her life and improved the quality of living.

Further the session was followed by a month long group/ personal Physiotherapy training program by our expert Neuro-physiotherapist, Dr Mayank Kumar dealing with similar patients.